Monday, March 5, 2012

One year old Already

Almost a year ago to the day we were blessed with Samuel Sessa!

Here is one of his very first pictures!

He is absolutely an amazing child and we are so thankful to be his parents. Life has been a little crazy for the last six months. Working full time, trying to be a good parent, wife, keep up socially and all the little things inbetween leaves VERY little time for much else. The end of the year was a busy one trying to continue to win business in our jobs. Steve and I have been really dedicated to our jobs building a good family foundation financially and it really took up a lot of our time at the end of last year. When we had free time we were spending it with the kids enjoying them as much as possible. We had a wonderful trip on the last update to Disney! It was so great to spend some time with friends and have the lasting memory with Sophie at Disney. We are still talking about it. Here are some picures of the kids at the pumpkin farm.

Sam was pulling on Sophie's hair in this shot. You see she was not pleased.

Sophie had a fun Halloween party at school this year and her are some pictures. The Mom did a great job on the decor and food!

A picture of her class acting normal and silly below...

Poor Kodi; I know....

On Halloween it was a great night to go out for trick or treating. Sam is really just chillin with the boys and enjoyed being in the stroller for the ride. Sophie enjoyed getting all the candy and we went to 10 houses this year! Whew! My friend Leah suggested the candy fairy. The Candy fairy will come to pick up all your candy that you collected and give you a great toy for an exchange. I loved the idea and so did Sophie so we did just that and Sophie got a sleeping beauty Barbie doll.

Sam is very strong. Here he is hanging on his own at the playground. Stephen and I got the biggest kick out of this...

Just chillin in his car...

Christmas season was wonderful too, but I did everything last minute compared to previous years. I think I like being prepared early and having all the presents done in advance. It makes for a lot less stress. The kids of course enjoyed the Christmas and all the gifts. Sophie got a big girl bike and she is really done a great job getting to know how to ride it. All the kids on our cul-de-sac are older and she is riding her bike along with them so it makes us so proud to see how much she has grown. She has still had some spills, but she gets right back up on the bike. Sam loved ripping the paper and all the attention of course. I wish I had more pictures, but I only was downloading from one camera. Santa was fun and Sophie told him all that she wanted and about Izzy our elf. Sam seems more reserved about the whole experience. We really have not had much of a cold winter so that has allowed us more times to go out for bundled up strolls in the car for Sam and on Sophie’s bike.

Mimi made the kids their Valentines outfits. Samuel started taking his first steps around mid-February. We thought he might be walking by his 1st birthday, but he is not quite there yet..

When it is too cold outside we ride the tricycle and the stroller around in the house. Sam was not feeling his best as you will see in the picture below. Normally he would be all smiles... Sophie is of course thrilled.

We celebrated Samuel's actual birthday with the family and let him have a little cupcake. He loved the attention and his first taste of sweets!!

His birthday party with all the family and friends...

Of course, I wished I had more pictures as I am too lived up in the moment when these things take place. Thank you to my Dad and Ashley for taking the pictures I do have on here. We love our children so much and enjoy our time with them. They truely are blessings from God. We hope that we remember that at all times and that we reflect His light in all we do with them. Thank you to you all for your love and support to us and our children. We hope to share many more memories and years with you all.

Hugs and love,

The Sessa Family

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